Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Australian Beauty

Alli Simpson

She's from Gold Coast Australia.  Her brother is singing teen heartthrob Cody Simpson.  She is a model and an actress living in L.A..  She's friends with the Kendall and Kylie Jenner.  She's 14 and living the dream.

Most teenage girls know her from her trendy blogging on her tumblr http://allisimpson.tumblr.com/ or her popular pics on her Instagram http://instagram.com/allisimpson .


On Instagram, her photos look professional and depict her adventures in life.  From her friends, to her outfit of the day (#ootd), to her surroundings, Alli, by far, posts the coolest pictures.

'Who am I? And how, I wonder, will this story end?'

Her tumblr consists of pics and gifs of her, boys, love, fashion, her fav celebs, and of course a lot of pink.  I mean, A LOT!  It's a very fresh and young take on life that is easy for all teenage girls to relate to. 


She loves Logan Lerman just as much as I do!!!
And more Pink!

I follow her on Facebook, tumblr, and Instagram.  
Now, if only I would get a twitter so I can follow her on that too.

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